Monday, November 24, 2008

Trapster: Avoiding Smokey in the 21st Century

Greetings techies and speedsters. Today you unite into one voice proclaiming your love of a fairly new social app that will touch both your hearts. Trapster is a small and free application designed to keep the pitfalls of motoring down the road at a elevated speeds. Social in nature, Trapster works much like the CB's of the old timers (sorry, but I just can't help a crack at the baby boomers when ever I get the chance). This time rather than shouting a message to anyone who may be in range, now we can leave that message behind for all to find at any time. If you spot a speed trap or red light camera, give a click and the trap is noted. When a Trapster user stumbles through the area an alert warns of the impending fine. So rejoice all, and speed on!

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