Monday, November 10, 2008

Mustangs and Scorpions and Hydrogen! Oh My!

Wondering what the future automobiles holds? Me too. A quick search of the internet will pop up DIY conversion kits for the car you have now. The so called "run your car on water adds" litter search results leading to pages speaking of HHO gas generators and promising freedom from high gas prices. But does it really work? According to Mike Allen at Popular Mechanics, absolutely not. But a little known car maker from Texas, Ronn Motors, has a response: uh..., yes it does. Why does PM believe it doesn't work? Because the vehicles ECU compensates for the HHO gas produced by the HHO generator by dumping more fuel into the engine negating any gains in efficiency. Perhaps PM doesn't realize there are VMU control units that correct this (bad) behavior.

Ronn Motors latest creation, the Scorpion, uses a twin turbo V6 sourced from Honda that puts out 450hp and propels the vehicle from 0-60mph in a scant 3.5 seconds. It is also probably the sexiest car since the McLaren F1. But what's most interesting about this car is that it returns 40mpg. How? Through the use of an HHO gas generator that PM swears does not work. Yes the Scorpion carries a price tag of $150k but not because of the HHO generator feature. One of the highest quality HHO conversion kits available can be had for less that $2k at HydroxyCorp.

40mpg not good enough for you? Me neither. Probably the most promissing news that promises high MPGs and untamable power comes not from Multi-Billion dollar car company or even a start up specialty shop, but from a garage in Ohio. Doug Pelmear working out of his garage tuned a 1987 Ford Mustang to 400hp and 500ft-lbs torque pushing the Stang from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat that he debuted at SEMA 2008. Is it fuel efficient?

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