Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Take My Data Shaken, Not Stirred.

I bring you news today of a new operation called Pionen located 30 meters within the bed rock of Stockholm city, Sweden. 100% up time operation is ensured by two German made Maybach MTU diesel engines producing 1.5 Megawatt of power. The lair, designed to withstand a hit from a hydrogen bomb, consists of 16 inch thick fortified front doors. The entire facility can be surveyed from the conference room whose floor is molded to be the surface of the moon. Cooling is handled by Baltimore Aircoil fans producing a cooling effect of 1.5 megawatts. Connectivity is no issue with triple redundancy Internet backbone access (full redundancy with both fiber optics and extra copper lines with three different physical ways into the mountain). It features greenhouses, simulated daylight and waterfalls for aesthetics as well as atmosphere creation, fog machines that produce a thin film of smoke across the floor where you walk and a huge 2600-liter salt water fish tank. Why? Just because.

It may sound like the secret underground lair of James Bonds latest nemesis but it is actually the newest data center built in a former nuclear bomb shelter by one of Sweden's largest ISPs. Jon Karlung, CEO at Bahnhof (the ISP behind Pionen) had this to say on the design of the facility:
I’m personally a big fan of old science fiction movies. Especially ones from the 70s like Logan’s Run, Silent Running, Star Wars (especially The Empire Strikes Back) so these were an influence,“ said Karlung. “James Bond movies have also had an impact on the design. I was actually looking for the same outfit as the villain ‘Blofeld’ in Bond and even considered getting a white cat, but that might have been going a bit far!

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