Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Macs, PCs, You may now video chat!

If you own a mac or have friends or family that own macs and have tried to start a video chat with them, then, you hate Microslop, I mean Microsoft, sorry. Microsoft has for years undermined the ability of it's users to video chat with Mac users for years with no plausible, viable reason. There are solutions available such as Adium and AIM but nothing that works with all PC hardware, all the time. On this day you begin a love affair with Google if you have not already. I love Google because the current CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt (formerly of Sun Microsystems and Novell) has made a career of sticking it to Microsoft every chance he gets. Why, just because.

Google today introduced Video/Audio Chat for Gmail users, the free email service from Google that offers over 7GB of storage and counting. Did I mention it's free? A 1 minute video showing the program in action is available on YouTube. Gmail video chat is currently available for PCs and Macs with promised support for Linux on the way. The CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, the famed "Dancing Monkeyboy", has in the past voiced his dislike for Google in a very professional manner when Google coaxed a Microsoft employee away from the dark side. Considering how he handled that bit of trivial news, I'd love to see his reaction to this!

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