Sunday, December 7, 2008

YouTube now serving up HD content

YouTube is now offering videos in HD quality. While not full 1080 HD the 720p resolution is well above the current quality we have all learned to live with. A search for videos with the tag HD reveals some of the first content uploaded. You'll note that embedding a video as I have done here does not offer the HD option. Hopefully that feature will be available soon. Double click on the video to go to the YouTube page. Once there you will see a link directly below the video that says, "watch in HD". Click, and enjoy the Hi Res goodness. So without further a do is the trailer for the new upcoming Ghostbusters video game.


Roger Bell said...

Adding the HD option for some videos is a great idea. Obviously for some people still on dial-up or on a remote SAT connection, regular res may be the best option still. But I love having the choice.

Speaking of HD, I plan to update my 5-year old laptop when I can buy an affordable one that supports HD graphics and has a Blu-ray drive. My preferred brand is HP. I'm guessing another couple of years for me to wait, given I was unemployed as of this week.

Pakenews said...

That is really cool

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