Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kevin Martin: I like this guy!

Here at Digistenz I try to stay away from tech news that "could be" and post only things that are actually happening. You will also rarely see me applaud the FCC here. However, somethings are too good to pass on. I tend not to like the FCC because I don't believe in censorship, however I realize they have their place and have actually been pretty happy with the decisions made at the FCC of late. Then today I came across an article at the Wall Street Journal that just blew me away. Kevin Martin, the current FCC Chairman is pushing for free wireless internet for all Americans. Yes, you read that correctly, FREE WIRELESS INTERNET FOR THE ENTIRE US!

As I said, I try not to post tech news that could be because 90% of it never comes into existence. But, again, somethings are too good to pass on. There have been grumblers of course. Consumer advocates have voiced concern over a pornography filter that would be placed on access, but Mr. Martin went back to the drawing board and then stipulated that adults could opt out of the filter.

Of no surprise is the fact that wireless companies such as T-mobile have voiced concern about a free internet. And why not? They are charging for it now. They didn't say it like that of course. T-mobile said they fear that the access would cause interference with the transmission signals of their 3G network. Because for reasons that escape you, me and the FCC as a whole, free internet causes interference with nearby signals but when you charge for them they magically co-exist with other frequencies. Here's your sign T-mobile. But Mr. Martin has dismissed their concerns and continues to push the measure along. So here's to hopefully starting the new year with free internet and also to Mr. Kevin Martin - I like this guy!

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